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1. Client Meeting

This is the substantial phase of our relationship with the client. The marketing representative meets the professional appointed by the client or the client himself. The basic discussion of the taste of the client, the application and the area to cover are discussed in this phase.

2. Design Discussion

With the professional and appropriate channel, the marketing representative shares the brief with the designer appointed for the project or the designing team. The work to ponder over ideas and the cultivation of the fruit from the creative brain of the designer starts in this phase.

3. First presentation

The creative team gives their best for the project and the marketing person/team showcase and discusses the idea and the designs conceived. The clients are assured of what he imagined has come out true by the imagination of the creative designer/s.

4. Concept & Detailing

When the details are taken after the idea pitching and the first draft presentation, the designer gives the final touch-up by detailing the design. The micro work of the designed concept takes place in this phase and the impressive designs are made.

5. CMYK approval

This is the final stage before the actual production process. The supervisor of the BION takes the measurement for the final time and he decides the ways for the installation. The clients are asked to have a final look on the design presented to them in CMYK copy. The supervisor appointed for the project meets the client and takes the final approval.

6. Reset & Sending to Production

The designing team prepares the ready-to-production designs on the basis of the presentation and the technical requirement of the production. The detailing work and the final formatting also take place during the phase. The designs are forwarded for the next process of production in this phase.

7. Production

With the state-of-the-art technology and the printing machine of premium global make, the production takes place at the BION. The various machines used for the various applications and with the different materials, the precision for the quality is ensured.

8. Post-Production

After the production of the product, the material goes for the different processes like drying, cutting, carving, etc. The dedicated team for the works of post-production and the huge infrastructure of BION Creations make the task of post-production meticulous.

9. Installation

The trained and experienced team of BION Creations goes for the installation on the schedule decided. The installation work takes place and the work to transform the residential or commercial property is done with the installation of the interior graphics designs.

10. Client Feedback

After the installation, the final formalities are done including the feedback gathering from the client. We, BION Creations, value the feedback of our valued clients the most.