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Work style at BION.

Client Servicing
  • Product presentation and explanation of application to the client or to the professional (interior designers and architects or others involved directly)
  • We take inputs and ideas from either client or interior designers or architects and prepare the brief for our creative team
  • With reference to the site (i.e. wall, glass, place, design concept etc.) application materials has to decide
  • Once site is finalized we take the measurement and photography of the site
  • Then, client or the professional needs to sign and approve the quotation
  • An advance payment is necessary and to be made by client or the professional
  • A sales order is then released to start
  • The conceptualization is the first and essential phase of Designing. We conceive the theme & start working on the project.
  • It takes 7 to 10 days for first presentation to the client or the professional.
  • Designer revise a few things if needed by the decision maker.
  • After finalization of design, the designer works on the print of the design to finalize the dimensions for approval.
  • Supervisor takes approval of the print out and verify the site measurements and surface where product is to be applied.
  • The approval copy is sent to client to sign by the supervisor.
  • With the reference of that signed approval designer makes the necessary changes for the production and send it to production department.
  • Production Department comes in the action once the final and approved design is sent by the Designing Team.
  • Production Department does the printing as per the requirement of the client and brief of Designing Team.
  • The process of printing/ production takes to 4 days minimum.
  • Every product needs at least 48 to 96 hours to dry and be ready for application.
  • Once the production is completed all the concerned persons are informed for installation. (i.e. interior designer, architect, client, marketing person and whosoever is concerned)
  • Once the production process of graphics is done, the materials go through the process of post-production.
  • Post-production processes vary material to material, some of the major course of actions are lifting, cutting, lamination, embosing, etc. The materials, after the production, needs the drying.
  • The expert and experienced post-production team of BION takes care of these processes. All the works of post-production needs the meticulous approach of handling them, as recently produced materials are vulnerable for dust, color fading etc.
  • As the materials, after the post-production process, goes directly for the pasting, the before checks are well taken care of.
  • Post-production processes take 2 to 3 days depending on the size and materials.
  • Before going for installation we coordinate with the client or the professional regarding the readiness of the site and surfaces for installation.
  • We suggest to the client to make the task of the other agencies like carpenter or painter etc complete beforehand as any dust or paint particles may ruin the graphics. This is necessary for longevity of interior graphics.
  • If the site is not ready or any gap of communication occurs and if the installation team needs to return or to stay longer, the charges for transportation and accommodation are supposed to be paid by the client or the professional.
  • Installation takes 1 to 2 day. It depends upon the site and application
Payment & Feedback
  • Once installation is completed and at the time of receiving final payment, we take feedback from the client or professional.
  • We also take photographs of the completed site for company purpose.
  • These photographs are also shared with the client, professional, and the representative.